Lisa Newcomb's Archive


Surgical Management of Melanoma: A 2015 Primer

Presented by Jeffrey Gershenwald, MD
May 19, 2015

Melanoma 101: A Brighter Outlook

Presented by David Fisher, MD PhD, MD PhD
December 01, 2014

2014 Annual Paris Melanoma Conference

Presented by Melanoma International Foundation
July 04, 2014
Melanoma International Foundation

M-ICAB Conference: Patient Participation in Melanoma Clinical Research

Presented by Melanoma International Foundation
March 28, 2014

Understanding Your Melanoma Pathology

Presented by Martin Mihm, MD
July 16, 2012

The Evolution of Combination Therapies in the Treatment of Melanoma

Presented by Jeffrey Infante, MD
September 27, 2013