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Patient access to clinical trials is critical to melanoma research. Without active patient participation in clinical trials, there is no research for a cure for melanoma. Therefore, this year, MIF will allocate our matching grant fund to patients who need to travel to clinical trials. Peggy Seaver, who knows this struggle firsthand as advocate for her brother, Wesley Coyle, (sadly lost to melanoma,) will generously donate the start-up grant of $50,000. The Patient Access Grant Program will honor Patricia Garcia-Prieto, who believed strongly that patients are the catalyst to all research progress. The following is our tribute to Patricia:

About Patricia Garcia-Prieto
(April 28, 1970 – July 2, 2013)

The loss of Patricia is unfathomable. To be taken by melanoma from her young children and those of us who loved her dearly, is clearly unfair. Patricia knew life was unfair. She knew she wasn’t alone facing barriers to new and promising therapies. Her zeal to help others in her shoes, and blaze a path was unstoppable only by the progression of her own disease.

She persuaded government and medical authorities, as well as pharmaceutical executives to the patient perspective. She created a vibrant, influential organization: Melanoma Independent Community Advisory Board. Patricia was highly assertive, principled and caring, strongly believing that patients should have easy access to the latest therapies.

Enrollment in clinical trials nationwide is fewer than five percent of all adult cancer patients. Help us increase those numbers! You will be pushing research forward and save lives!



Patricia Garcia-Prieto

Patricia Garcia-Prieto



UPDATED: August 7, 2013