Scientific Advisory Board

Bruce Brod


Bruce Brod, M.D.
Co-chair, Dermatology
Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine


Keith Flaherty

Keith Flaherty, M.D.
Co-chair: Oncology
Director of Developmental Therapeutics
Massachusetts General Hospital



Veronic Chiang


Veronica Chiang, MD
Chief, Neurosurgery and Radiosurgery Program
Yale University School of Medicine


Rosalie Elenitsas


Rosalie Elenitsas, M.D.
Director of Dermatopathology
University of Pennsylvania


Margaret Foti


Margaret Foti, PhD
American Association for Cancer Research


Richard Gallagher


Richard Gallagher
Cancer Control Research Program, BC Cancer Agency


DuPont Guerry, M.D.
Former Director, Melanoma Program
Abramson Cancer Center



Jeffrey Infante


Jeffrey Infante, M.D.
Director of Drug Development
Sarah Cannon Research Institute


Richard Joseph


Richard W. Joseph, M.D
MAYO Clinic



Richard Kefford

Richard Kefford, M.D. PhD
Professor of Medicine, University of Sydney
Director, Westmead Institute for Cancer Research



Roger Lo


Roger Lo, M.D., PhD
Assistant professor of medicine, Dermatology Director, Melanoma Clinic
Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCLA


Rona MacKie

Rona MacKie
Department of Public Health and Public Policy
Glasgow University, Scotland



Richard Marais

Richard Marais, PhD
Cancer Research Centre
London, U.K.



Donald Morton
Donald Morton, M.D.
Medical Director, Surgeon-in-Chief
John Wayne Cancer Institute



Bart Neyns
Bart Neyns, MD
Head of Clinic, Department of Internal Medicine/Medical Oncology
UZ Brussel (University Hospital of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel)



Antoni Ribas

Antoni Ribas, M.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
UCLA – Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center



Mario Sznol
Mario Sznol, M.D.
Yale Cancer Center Melanoma Unit



Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz, M.D.
Chief, Melanoma and Sarcoma Service
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center



Albert Yan


Albert C. Yan, M.D. FAAP
Director, Pediatric Dermatology
Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania Pediatrics and Dermatology


Jedd Wolchok


Jedd D. Wolchok, MD, PhD
Director, Immunotherapy Clinical Trials
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


UPDATED: July 15, 2013