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Feeling Anxious After Your Melanoma Diagnosis?


It is absolutely normal to be upset when you are told you have melanoma. Whether early stage or advanced, your brain signals you are having a life threatening event. Your […]

MIF Staffer Faces Melanoma


For 8 years, I have been managing the largest melanoma awareness event. ¬†Melanoma International Foundation or MIF, brings over 1500 people together to support, encourage and honor loved ones. Our […]

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Ipi (Yervoy) Nivo (Opdivo) Combination Therapy


Your questions answered about the Ipi (Yervoy) Nivo (Opdivo) Combination Therapy with Dr. Richard Joseph, MD. My doctor is recommending the IPI/Nivo combination as my best shot at beating my […]

Newly Approved Therapies for Stage III Melanoma Patients


We are in a fortunate time for melanoma patients.¬† Never have we had effective adjuvant therapy with tolerable toxicity, and perhaps we can reach the milestone of a sharp reduction […]

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