Melanoma Treatment: Finding Your Way

What happens when you blindly follow a GPS to navigate your path? You may get lost and miss the signs along the way! I recently found that my GPS was so wrong in helping me find my way. I went back to the practical way of looking for landmarks, street signs, and taking the advice of those who have traveled that way before. It turns out to be far more helpful than listening to a programmed robotic voice and missing the real landscape.

There’s an important parallel to my road trip gone awry to the journey of a melanoma diagnosis. Although there’s bound to be some roadblocks and detours, a personalized approach should make it easier. That is best facilitated with a team: a close friend or relative, one that has your best interest in mind, matched with a medical advisor who also has that focus. We at MIF can nicely complement your team. Scientifically backed research strongly influences our advice along with the experience of thousands of other patients we’ve helped for many years.

Our navigation service is for melanoma patients only. We focus on the where, what and when of treatment for melanoma. We answer our phones and email promptly and personally. We don’t contract with outside agencies to help our patients. Our pockets are not lined by what treatment is chosen. We care about you and what is best for your situation in life, whether it is travel to a distant clinical trial or staying in your hometown for a newly approved treatment.

The question patients frequently ask doctors about therapy choice is: “what would you do if this was your special family member?” You can trust MIF like a family member to have your best interest in mind when you call, write us an email or post on our forum. Your best outcome is truly our heartfelt mission.

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