We, at Melanoma International, are always disheartened to hear of another melanoma diagnosis. Mike Schmidt’s stage III melanoma has certainly changed his attitude about the sun (“it is evil”} and we hope he can influence others in the highly visible baseball world about protecting skin from too much sun. I am a big baseball fan, but must say I cringe when I watch a noon game on television and see all of those fans, from babies to seniors, getting fried in the spectator seats. A big step in supporting Mike’s new take on the sun would be to schedule games during the sun safe times. Sticking to evening games would go a long way.

Mike’s future with this disease may still be periled by spread to stage IV disease which, thankfully, has many new treatments. Hopefully, he will be one of the lucky ones, as I was, and not deal with it again. MIF is dedicated to developing personalized strategies with patients like Mike so they may live longer, better lives. We provide funding so they may travel to the handful of melanoma specialists across the country for treatment and clinical trials.

On April 27th, at Wilson Farm Park in Wayne, PA, we will provide a free skin cancer screening staffed with dermatologists dedicated to finding melanoma early when it is curable. Our event also provides a day full of camaraderie for those affected by melanoma, this little known, but potentially deadly cancer.

We wish Mike the best on this journey and offer our support as well.

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