Never Walk This Path Alone

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing dessert, in Philadelphia, with a caregiver named Stefan. As we were looking out at the historic buildings and talking about life in the U.S., I was struck by what a true champion this young man has become for his father, who is currently dealing with Stage IV melanoma.

Stefan and his family are from Serbia, where few options for cutting edge melanoma treatments are available. Although faced with huge obstacles, Stefan has never given up hope. With the help of MIF’s Patient Navigation Program, Stefan and his father have traveled from Serbia to Belgium and Turkey, receiving some of the best care available. We are pleased to share that Stefan’s father is doing well, but not everyone has a Stefan. Not everyone has someone to navigate them through what often seems like impossible barriers to quality care.

It is an exciting time across the melanoma landscape, with new options increasing at a fast pace. However, there is still a great need. Every day, people across the world hear the words, “You have melanoma.” For many, this causes overwhelming hopelessness because the latest therapies are either unattainable or unaffordable.

The Melanoma International Foundation stands strong behind our belief that no one should ever walk this path alone. From small communities to big cities, from the United States to places like Serbia and India, MIF walks side by side with patients and caregivers, helping to reduce the barriers to high quality treatments.

Will you partner with us on this journey? Even a small donation can make a big difference in the life of someone who has been diagnosed with melanoma.

In a letter to MIF, Stefan shared,

“Knowledge and access is what is most needed when things like this happen, and both of those things we got from you.”

Join us as we continue to bring knowledge and access to those that need it most.


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