Being Resilient

, September 02, 2016 | | 1 Comment

When someone is diagnosed or taking care of someone with a potentially deadly disease, such as melanoma, it may come with other things going wrong in life. Perhaps you are a caretaker for children or your parents and this is now added to your burden. Financial troubles may plague you. Tough tribulations of life often come in multiples!

So what is there to be learned from facing life’s losses and unfortunate hurdles thrown your way? I often think that expression that “life never hands you too much to deal with” is just not true! There’s a balance to it all that can’t always be juggled well. You are only human with limited time on this earth. Trying to control the uncontrollable is probably where we all get into the most trouble in our coping mechanism. “Go with the flow” I’ve been told after reaching a point where nothing can be done. “This too shall pass” is another potentially soothing reminder that situations rarely remain stagnant. “Take a deep breath,” really works to get you grounded.

I would say the parallel I once read that resonated with me profoundly was that the best wood for building a solid structure comes from a tree that has weathered the worst of elements yet is still standing. Be that tree and be resilient as possible. Keep in mind there is always someone who has much worse troubles than you do. And don’t forget to breathe.

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