MIF: Your Concierge for the Melanoma Journey

Have you ever traveled to a large city or foreign country that you’ve never been to before? It can often feel overwhelming as sights, sounds and smells engulf your senses. You’re not exactly sure where to go or what to do next. Everything is unfamiliar. Once you make it to your hotel, you breathe a quick sigh of relief but know that you will have to go back out through those doors again soon. What do you do? How do you develop a plan for navigating this unique place? I find that the hotel concierge is like having a compass in uncharted territory. He or she knows the inside scoop on the best restaurants (often off the beaten path), the easiest routes to take (avoiding traffic or dangerous areas), and can connect me with other staff members who might be able to provide additional assistance or services. It is the concierge’s job to provide for just about any personal need you may have during your stay. In fact, the word ‘concierge’ originally meant ‘the keeper of the keys’ or ‘candlers’. He/she is the one who opens doors and lights the way.

The Melanoma International Foundation is the keeper of the keys that will open up the door of knowledge to patients and caregivers. We have the skill and experience to help you navigate this new place where you have found yourself or a loved one. It is not a new journey to us and and we have the expertise to guide you through it. We also serve as candlers, lighting the way for you during a very dark time. As you put one foot in front of the other, it is our job to illuminate the way and help you identify the next step on the path. A diagnosis of melanoma takes you to an uncomfortable place without the luxury of having a road map or GPS to tell you which way to turn. I know, firsthand, how this diagnosis can turn your world upside-down. I discovered a melanoma on my leg when I was pregnant with my son. It was terrifying and disorienting.

MIF is YOUR Melanoma Conciergeā„¢ in this foreign place. We have the insider information that you need to get the best treatment possible. When you come across obstacles along the way, it is OUR job to help you find the best detours. You can be reassured by the fact that MIF can provide you with the information and reassurance necessary to make thoughtful and educated decisions about the journey that you are on – not just any journey – YOUR journey. MIF gathers knowledge from experts at global meetings, as well as data from clinical trial results, journal articles, and our esteemed medical advisory board. We take hour and hours to review the data that is out there and condense it into useful, understandable and meaningful bites of information, available to you when you need it. Our melanoma forum (link) gives you the safe community that you seek. It provides scientifically sound and judiciously impartial information that is regularly moderated as a continuation of our concierge services.

We are your guide. We are your partner. We are your Melanoma Conciergeā„¢. Reach out to us today and let us help you navigate the next stage in your journey.

4 responses to “MIF: Your Concierge for the Melanoma Journey”

  1. Avatar Lois Pyle says:

    This sounds so reassuring. You are right when you said it is frightening and overwhelming. I cannot even comprehend all the info I have been given by the Drs. And all who are unvolved. I bring my daughter to act as my ears. It helps greatly to know that you are here to assist when needed. My journey has just begun. We are

    • Catherine Poole Catherine Poole says:

      Thank you! We are happy to be your support during this trying time. Please feel free to reach out to us.

  2. Avatar margaret brown says:

    I was introduced to this site by a fellow patient I have stage 4 with many lesions in my chest and liver I have been getting immunotherapy for about 11 months now with good results and only one major side effect the ktruda attacked my pancreas and I now have type 1 diabetes witch is almost as much trouble as my melanoma I was in ICU for a week with Diabetic ketoacidosis [DKA] I am trying to get it under control with diet and a book called The End of Diabetes by Joel Fuhrman basically a bean and greens diet with no dairy, sugar , meat, or eggs so between the two they pretty much take up my whole life it is really hard but easier when it becomes a life or death situation

    • Catherine Poole Catherine Poole says:

      Sorry to hear of your issues, which I have heard happening to others. For type I diabetes, diet alone may not be a good way to control it. I would definitely consult with an endocrinologist about the best treatment modalities.

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