Aizik Spiegel

leafAizik Spiegel was a loving, honest and passionate human being, who died from Melanoma at the age of 66 on Jan.13.2013. He was a Renaissance man in the true sense of the word.  He had a master degree in math and physics, he spoke seven languages and had a very strong understanding of politics. He was also a very hard working business man, who worked countless hours to get his two daughters the education and life he felt they deserved. However, his definition of “family” was a very broad one.

While we knew that he donated a great deal of money and time to charity work, we only started to understand the true scope of his work during his funeral when several hundred people showed up to pay tribute. It was only then, for example, that his daughters learned that he was the co-organizer of the children of Chernobyl organization in Israel. This was an organization that facilitated medical treatment in Israel for children that were exposed to the radiation at Chernobyl.

He also touched many individuals from all walks of life, and the extent of that help became clearer as people came to our house to share their condolences and tell us their stories. It is still hard to comprehend that he is gone.

He will be forever in the hearts of those who knew him, particularly his wife, daughters, grandchildren, siblings and sons in law.

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