Gregory Scott Husmann

leafIt has been nearly a year since I lost Greg to this black beast, after his courageous five year battle. We were happily married for 25 years and have a beautiful 19 YO daughter. After a year has passed, I think it’s time to give back and I want to help promote awareness about this terrible disease. Greg participated in numerous clinical trials at Moffitt Cancer in Tampa. I hope and pray that his participation can help with research to beat this monster, especially while seeing how hard the treatments were on him. When we ran out of options (Oct of 09), the disease progressed with a vengeance.

The thing about melanoma is that you can see the cancer grow, it seems, from day to day. My husband, being the man that he was, fought with his heart & soul. Before he got sick, we owned our own business, he did drywall repair, very physical work. He absolutely hated the fact that he had to be taken care of. He did as much as he could, when he could. An amazing man, I was so blessed to have him in my life for the time that I did. In closing, I hate to think that others will have to go through the pain that we all did while Greg was fighting this monster.

Awareness definitely has to be promoted. Greg would get very upset when people would say “Oh, just skin cancer?”. NOT JUST SKIN CANCER!

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