John Willett

John was diagnosed in 2013 with melanoma on the bottom of his foot. After surgery, it was discovered that the melanoma had already traveled to one lymph node in his groin. Between 2014 and 2016, John participated in 2 clinical trials and visited 3 top melanoma centers. He tried all of the new immunotherapy drugs for melanoma and multiple targeted drugs. He endured various combinations of these drugs plus radiation – he was considered a pioneer in attempting the combinations of treatments given to him. He never gave up until he passed away on July 9, 2016.


John leaves behind an incredibly supportive family – including his 3 teenagers who have learned a hard but valuable lesson on determination. John wanted so much to survive for his children. He was charitable, smart, athletic and strong. He fought his melanoma with everything he had. To quote a good friend of John’s, “I’d like to think that a part of John lives in all of us for eternity. John represents all that is good in life, good in people, good in dreams, hope and humanity. In today’s world of fear and anxiety, John ascended above it all and built bridges. I will forever be a better person for having walked with him a bit.”

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