Kelsey Nicole Olson

leafKelsey taught us that no one fights alone. She went to the doctor’s because her back hurt and she was hospitalized with a brain tumor. We quickly learned that she had stage IV melanoma and treatment was not a viable option. Less than 3 weeks later, she was gone. In those 3 weeks, and now in the months after, I realized how many people’s lives Kelsey touched, how many people came together to show support for her and her family.

She was a sweetheart to those she held dear to her. Her heart was larger than her home and her wallet when it came to any animals in need. She taught me that hula hooping isn’t as hard as it seems, that late nights are acceptable as long as they involve crafting, laughing, or generally having fun. She worked hard and played harder. She was a gentle soul on Earth and now, she shines brightly as a star in the sky.

This has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with and I still have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the girl who did her best to stay out of the sun died of stage IV melanoma. Because of this, her closest friends and family members have learned that no one fights alone and cancer affects everyone. Now, we’re fighting for her, since she’s no longer able to fight to save birthdays and raise awareness of this disease that took our sweet girl from us.

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