Michelle Emma Brown

leafMy sister, Michelle, was a gentle person with a heart of gold. I never knew how strong she was until melanoma took hold of her. She would always put the needs of others before her own. She was very much valued by her co-workers, family and friends. Her cell phone was always was always close by and often ringing.She could multitask; listening to problems, analyzing them and finding solutions. My mom and I would often tell her she should have been a ‘counselor’ as she had a solution to everyone’s problems! Michelle had a strange looking mole on her leg. At first she dismissed it and by the time she decided to act on it, it was diagnosed as Stage IV melanoma.

She was always optimistic, took her lymph node surgery and radiation in stride and looked ahead to the next set of treatments. She never complained, that was not her style. Even when she understood that there were no more treatments available, she forged ahead, despite the odds being against her and knowing the end of her life was near, to try to take part in experimental trials. Unfortunately, the melanoma had metastasized to her lungs and she was never able to take part in the trials. Michelle would have smiled to see the number of friends who came to pay their respects to her. It was amazing!

She will remain forever in our hearts!

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