Susan Desalvo

To tell her story would require many pages and many hours. Simply said, she was a beautiful woman inside and out. Susan was handed the news of having melanoma when she was only 6 weeks pregnant with her first son, Angelo, in 1999. She went on to have another son, Aidan, in 2002 enjoying life believing that she had made it thru the worst.

Unfortunately, the melanoma returned in 2005 and life for Sue and her family would never be the same. She lived her life fully until she passed away May 7, 2006 after battling melanoma for 7 years. Susan was 34 years old. She was the most devoted mom to her two boys, and although she only got to be a mom for a short time it was a job she thoroughly enjoyed. She did more in that short time than any mother I’ve ever met. She loved spending time with her boys, playing with them, planning their birthdays and making sure their holidays were always special. They are the reason we continue on in her name. Susan was a happy and easygoing person who was friends with everyone. She had a smile and personality that lit up a room, and she always made you feel special. Even when she was sick, she was always concerned with everyone else’s well-being. And more importantly, she didn’t want anyone to worry about her. Her motto during this battle was HOPE*FAITH*LOVE* Her family and friends are all living her words. . .

Hope for a cure, Faith in our God, and Love your family, friends, and life!

You will never be forgotten! WE LOVE YOU SUSAN!

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