Therese Sharkey

leafOn August 15th, my mom closed her eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep, after battling metastatic melanoma for 14 months. The last month of her life included multiple hospital stays, surgeries, rehab stays and a lot of pain. Surrounded by her 5 children and loving husband of 45 years, she passed away on August 21, 2009, in her home that she loved so much. During that week, she briefly opened her eyes so we could say our last goodbyes to her.

I wrote this letter to my Mom after her funeral. She was an amazing wife, mom, grandmom, sister, cousin, aunt and friend to so many.

Dear Mom,

Your funeral was done with class and style, just like you would have expected. The amount of people that care for you, and us, was unreal. Dad said it best Monday night, “She always underestimated herself!” We knew a lot of people would come to to say goodbye and pay their respects to us. We knew your funeral mass would be crowded with family and friends. We knew to ask Mike to call in a favor for a police escort to the burial and we knew that we would need a large (and fancy) place for the luncheon. When it came to the reality, though, we were overwhelmed with what we thought we knew. Friends and family waited over an hour to say goodbye and offer us their condolences.

Over 420 lines were signed in your guest book. Your funeral mass looked like it was Easter Sunday, packed with family and friends. We started out of the church parking lot on our way to the burial with a police escort only to also see Germantown Pike, Fayette Street and Gulph Road blocked off by all the neighboring police departments. There were 90 cars in the funeral procession!!! About 200 people returned to Plymouth Country Club to support us as the day came to an end. I told you this before and I have to tell you again, you were an amazing woman.

You touched so many people. You were genuine to everyone and you let everyone know that you cared. You were my Mom and I loved you so much. I am still not sure why God took you. I know you were not ready. It is not fair and I am so mad that you are not here right now. A lot of people are mad that they can’t call you for advice and guidance. So many relied on you with your ‘get it done’ attitude. You knew how to do everything and do it perfect. We all still need you, but we are forced to figure it out and live the way you taught us to live our lives. We will never underestimate the woman that you were and what you taught all of us.

Thank you Mom for being amazing! We love and miss you so much already!

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