Melanoma 101: A Brighter Outlook

December 01, 2014 | David Fisher, MD PhD, MD PhD

Recently diagnosed with melanoma? This is a great place to start! Dr. David Fisher gives an overview of basic melanoma information for the patient or caregiver that wants a broad base knowledge or just doesn’t know where to begin. Topics include:

  • Skin Phototypes
  • Clinical Features of Melanoma
  • Risk Factors
  • Biology of Nevi
  • Dysplastic Nevus
  • Types of Melanoma
  • Current Melanoma Treatments (targeted therapies/immunotherapies)


David Fisher, MD, PhD
Chief, Dermatology Service
Director, Melanoma Program, MGH Cancer Center
Director, Cutaneous Biology Research Center

Catherine Poole, Melanoma International Foundation
Wendy Selig, Melanoma Research Alliance

Presented by David Fisher, MD PhD, MD PhD

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