What People Say About MIF

Excerpts from Actual Letters and E-Mails:

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“MIF is the ONE source that steps to the forefront to help patients.”
– Claire

“My husband was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2008; we didn’t know where to turn. Our family doctor wanted surgery as soon as possible but we didn’t know if the treatment was correct. I researched melanoma and the Melanoma International Foundation came up, I don’t know what made me call, but am glad that I did. The people at the foundation answered my questions and helped us find the right doctor for us. My husband is now under treatment and doing great, we thank our lucky stars everyday for the foundation.”
– Helped

“Our first contact with Melanoma International Foundation was February 23, 2007, the day after our 32 year old daughter, Erica, learned (after four and one half years of her original surgery) the melanoma had spread to her liver. Three weeks before she and her husband had just run a marathon. She contacted MIF and they responded immediately offering encouragement in her contacting her original doctors who were experts in the caring of melanoma patients. From February 2007 through her treatments & surgeries & beyond MIF communicated with Erica, checking on how she was doing & if she needed any help, until her death in April 2008. Since then MIF has kept in contact with us, Erica’s family. We have been extremely pleased with MIF in the way they kept up with our daughter & now our family without any pressure for donations. Thank you MIF!”
– Judy

“I was diagnosed in 2006 with stage IIIC melanoma. My husband found this site and we were so impressed by the immediate outpouring of information and compassion by Catherine Poole. She answered her own hotline and stuck by us during every step of our battle. We know that we can receive accurate and reliable information because the site is hon code approved. This means a lot.”
– Shirley

“This site is just the best. When I was first diagnosed with Melanoma I had so many questions and getting so few answers with any of the Dr’s. This site is a wealth of information and support for everyone. If you’re ever feeling down there is always someone to help you through the dark days. Its the tops.”
– Magenta

“This is the place to go if you need to know the latest about melanoma. The feedback, support is wonderful and if the answers to your question is not known, Catherine will go out and ask an expert to find out. It’s a place where you feel part of a team, safe and secure, which after being diagnosed with any cancer is difficult to feel. They accomplish this with follow up, caring comments, great information and always posting the latest research which save someones life.”
– Anonymous

“MIF is a wonderful resource for those dealing with Melanoma. There is always a friendly, knowledgeable and understanding person standing by. To educate helps ease fears when dealing with a stressful situation such as a cancer diagnosis and the service that MIF provides is invaluable. Thanks for all you do!”
– Kat

“The Melanoma International foundation is proactive in an area where early detection can literally mean the difference between life and death. Catherine and her staff have made a huge difference in many lives of individuals and families faced with melanoma. This is the organization worthy of recognition in the fight against cancer and specifically melanoma.”
– Peter

“When I was first diagnosed with Melanoma, I searched the internet for answers and only got more confused and scared. Then I came upon the Melanoma International Foundation. All my uncertainty and questions were answered in a timely manner and the outpouring of support from other members really helped me through this most difficult time. This site is truly an asset and it gave me the insight and guidance to battle this disease.”
– Eric

“Over the last two years, I have battled melanoma. This sight was a god-send for me. I had thought I was the only one with this type of cancer and no one could provide me with support or answers to my questions. The MIF was not only there for me on-line, but I was able to call from another country (Canada) and receive immediate caring and kind assistance and follow up. I just can’t say enough about the mental support and accurate information that was available.”
– Annette

“Thanks for taking the time to keep current on the research, researchers, and treatment protocols.”
– Liz

“You have the experience, the expert medical melanoma sources and the dedication that brings credence to the patient perspective.”
– Roxanne

“I just wanted to let you know that I picked up your book in a bookstore the day after my diagnosis and it has been on my nightstand ever since – the pages are very worn. I can’t tell you how reassuring it was in the first days of panic.”
– Vickie

“Thank you for your guidance and wonderful website. My spirits have been lifted and I’ll go forth with confidence now – thanks to you.”
– Elaine

“You’ll never know what a “breath of fresh air” you have been for me. I so appreciate all you have done:
advise, counsel, the book, etc.”
– Ann

“It was so nice to have someone who could help us get access to information we needed and help us to understand it. Thank you so much. We really appreciate the service you provide.”
– Carrie

“Thank you for coming to speak to the Mothers of Young Children. Your words of wisdom are most important in a world of increasing skin cancers. Thank you for taking the time and we will be sure to use and spread your prevention techniques.”
– Nancy

“I cannot thank you enough! I have already received your book and read it from front to back repeatedly. I feel fear is mainly fostered by lack of education and your book helped to educate me about my condition and my options, thus helping to relieve a lot of the fear and empowering me at the same time.”
– Christina

“I just wanted to thank you for all you do in the melanoma community. I am sure not many of us take the time to thank you for all of your efforts. I want you to know they are appreciated and you are doing a wonderful job. It is because of people such as yourself that melanoma will come to the forefront in the media. You are an inspiration to many of us who continue to fight this battle.”
– Carole

“MIF was instrumental in encouraging me to get a second opinion and in being optimistic when I was quite upset. You gave me encouragement and even a book to read. You were someone to lean on when my doctors were not. You kept in touch with me beyond any expectation. I will always be grateful for having your support during a very trying time in my life.”
– Nicole

I am very grateful for your assistance, kindness, and response to my concern.”
– John

“The information you provide is truly a wonderful thing.”
– Anita

UPDATED: September 1, 2018