Courage With Grace

Maybe this is an old topic, courage in the face of a diagnosis, but it is an important one to be discussed and given thought.  Take John McCain for example with everyone telling him to be brave and strong through his brain cancer. He had melanoma before that.  His answer was “I‘m facing a challenge, but I’ve faced other challenges, and I’m very confident about getting through this one as well.”  His challenges though dissed by our current president included eight years in a POW prison for example. He was courageous in fighting his political party on health insurance with that famous thumbs down gesture.  Despite a grueling treatment regimen of chemo and radiation he is still making a difference in Washington.

When we get the diagnosis of a life threatening disease our first reaction is to fear for our lives.  We don’t want to die at any cost.  Our brains go into overdrive, flight and fright sets in and the anxiety can be awful.  This is normal.  Sometimes it helps just to know it is normal and that the fear is gearing your body up for the disease. But there is something imperative about finding a neutral zone of stability.  This comes from learning all we can about our disease and where the experts are and how we can use the latest learnings that are scientifically proven.  It is no picnic to be on the other side of this dilemma either, when someone you love gets this diagnosis.  It is a struggle to be the stable one in the picture when you are just as scared at the prospect of losing your loved one as they are of dying.  I have learned this from personal experience.  There are no easy tips here to list.

The courage to face this challenge comes from within and we all have it.  It is a matter of turning courage into action not a feeling. Be proactive with the truth and facts that you find.  We work hard at MIF to ease that pathway for you.  We provide the facts and navigation, and you take them to build your courageous plan.  We won’t let you do this alone.

Catherine Poole
President & Founder